National team: “Arrogance attack” – Mertesacker blames Schlotterbeck

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“Arrogance Attack” – World champion Mertesacker blames debutant Schlotterbeck

Germany beat Israel 2-0

25.600 spectators saw a clear victory for the German national football team in Sinsheim. 2: 0 was the result in the home game against Israel. Nico Schlotterbeck showed a good debut, which he almost played away shortly before the end.

Nico Schlotterbeck has a good standing with national coach Hansi Flick. Shortly before the final whistle against Israel, however, he had an apostasy, which this time had no consequences. The criticism afterwards was still great. World champion Per Mertesacker was tough on him.

fhe is known for open words. You could see that for yourself when he was still active. To this day, his legendary “ice ton interview” remains unforgettable. This is what Per Mertesacker said in 2014 after the 2-1 victory over Algeria in the round of 16 at the World Cup, where the German national team revealed obvious weaknesses in the defense at the time.

“What do you want me for now?” Mertesacker responded to ZDF reporter Boris Büchler after asking him about the problems in the defense. “I’ll be laying in the ice bucket for three days, and then we’ll analyze the game at ease,” Mertesacker said, before Büchler followed up and wanted to know if he still believed in a wow effect, which he did. at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. “What do you want now?” asked Mertesacker again: “Do you want a successful World Cup, or do you need to be eliminated and played well. I do not understand the whole question. We have moved on, we are super happy and are now preparing for France. “

Short conversation with the national coach

Now that Mertesacker, the former defender, no longer acts on the pitch, but in front of the camera, and incidentally also on ZDF, he is just as direct in his own way. “You can talk about an arrogance attack.” said Mertesacker on Saturday night when moderator Jochen Breyer asked about debutant Nico Schlotterbeck who had caused a penalty shortly before the end of 2-0 (2-0) in the national team friendly against Israel. There is a “very fine line” between “self-confidence and arrogance”, said Mertesacker, once a key defender in the DFB selection, with whom he finally won the 2014 World Cup title. Other than that, the 37-year-old praised the 22-year-old Schlotterbeck for his brave performance.

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In the final phase of the match, the Freiburger had carelessly lost the ball to the rushing Yonatan Cohen in the penalty area and could only get away with a mistake. The penalty kick was parried by goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, who came in as a substitute in the second half, and Schlotterbeck thanked immediately. “I think it was just bad in the situation,” Schlotterbeck said of his offense.

Mertesacker said, “It’s important that he learns from these scenes.” The young defender does not need these actions, “where he thinks, ‘I do not have to look left and right’.” National coach Hansi Flick did not follow the arrogance thesis in the connection. “Those are the things we learn from,” he said, but added. “At a World Cup, something like that can be deadly in the 90th minute.”

Germany - Israel

National coach Hansi Flick (center) in conversation with Per Mertesacker, ZDF expert and moderator Jochen Breyer

Source: pa / dpa / Christian Charisius

In the run-up to the meeting, Flick Schlotterbeck, who plays for SC Freiburg, had praised it a lot. “Nico is a player who plays eye-catching, also with the ball and always sets good accents. He has developed very well, “said Flick, who probably felt reassured in his assessment of the fight against Israel. Schlotterbeck made a good play and intervened occasionally in the attacking game. His good opening caught his eye, he played some good passes. But Flick had also pointed out that Schlotterbeck would sometimes “make himself comfortable and perhaps take some freedom” in the game.

As just before the final whistle against Israel. It must have been a great lesson for Schlotterbeck. He let it be known that he would work on his mistakes. He said he was in regular contact with Christian Streich, coach of SC Freiburg. With national coach Flick, this was immediately after his international debut. Both stood on the lawn and talked to each other.

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