Mercedes will not “totally lose touch”


Mercedes will not “totally lose touch”

In Brackley, you know you can not fight for victories at the moment. But you still have the World Cup in mind. Toto Wolff explains: “It is important that we simply take as many points as possible so that we may be in a position in a few races where we have not completely lost touch.”

He does not want to “give up” the 2022 season yet. However, he knows: “The gap is too big to just be there in the next races, and Melbourne will not be a picnic. You just have to say that realistically. But there are 23 races, two of which were run.”

“So the season is still incredibly long and we must not fall into the trap of judging how we will look in the middle of the season or at the end of the season based on our current performance,” said the Austrian. But closing the hole will certainly not be easy.

Wolff nevertheless makes it clear: “Only one letter has been posted!”


Hamilton: Worst start to the season since 2009

The record world champion is not used to finishing a race in P10. Characteristic of this is his radio message after the end of the race, when he asked the team: “Is there a point at all for this position?” Incidentally, it was his worst start to the season in 13 years with P3 and P10.

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Leclerc was named the official driver of the day yesterday. For the editors, however, only one driver received the top grade in Jeddah – and that is not Monegasse. Click through our photo gallery now!

Later, as usual, the big final statement will appear on our portal.

Photo gallery: Jeddah: The driver’s reviews from the editorial staff

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New DRS measuring point?

Yesterday’s top 3 already stated that they believe there is still a need for DRS. But would it at least be possible to move the measuring point so that situations like yesterday do not repeat themselves?

“DRS is so powerful that it was a game of cat and mouse between the drivers,” explains Christian Horner, who admits: “Maybe in the coming years we should look at where the DRS measuring point points. [vor der Zielgeraden] lies.”

It is better to “avoid” situations where both pilots go completely in the iron.

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Sainz annoyed by “unnecessary confusion”

The Ferrari driver was stuck behind Perez at the restart yesterday – despite the fact that he actually owns the position. But the Mexican only returned P3 after the restart. It’s annoying Sainz.

“There were a million ways for Checo to let me through,” he says, annoyed at the “unnecessary mess.” Sainz demands: “As a sport, we need to get better, simplify, react faster.”

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Alonso: Lost too many points

For the Spaniard, things did not go well in Barhain with P9. Yesterday it even got no points after a failure. “I’m pleased with the performance,” the alpine skier clarified after the first two races of the season.

However, not with the score. “I think I could be P6 or P7 in the championship, but I’m not in that position,” said Alonso, who is currently only number 13 with two points.

“It’s not because we did not deserve it. We just did not get the maximum points. I think we lost too many points,” Alonso said. It needs to get better.


Leclerc: Too early to think about the title

“Of course I’m pretty happy with this start to the season,” reports the Monegasque, who is also leading the World Cup after Saudi Arabia. But he will not think about the World Cup so early in the year.

“I have no idea if that will be enough to win the World Cup. It’s still very early in the season,” Leclerc shrugged. For him, it is only clear that there is still room for improvement.

“I think development will be the key. And we as drivers need to help the team as best we can to stay competitive,” said Leclerc, who could become the first Ferrari world champion in 2022 since Kimi Raikkonen 15 years ago. since.


Verstappen and Leclerc: We need DRS

Would the big duel between the two yesterday have been even better without DRS? “If I had not had DRS, I would never have passed,” Verstappen denied. The overhaul help is therefore still needed with the new cars.

“Without DRS, I would have been number two,” the Dutchman is sure. Leclerc sees it that way too. “I think we still need DRS at the moment,” he clarifies. Teammate Sainz is also sure there would be far fewer overtaking maneuvers without DRS.

“I think we are better off with DRS,” the Spaniard said.


Marko announces: Red Bull is losing weight!

RB18 is currently still overweight. On ‘ServusTV’, Helmut Marko now reveals: “I assume that we will lose something with Imola, and that alone should save a significant amount of time.”

“I think we are well prepared, but we have an equal opponent in Ferrari, and Leclerc will drive completely flawlessly in the new year. It will be an exciting, super racing year,” the Austrian announced.

Of course we hope so too!


Steiner: In 2021, I would still have two points …

Magnussen took two points yesterday. Team manager Günther Steiner is – to put it mildly – well pleased with that. In 2021, he would still have a ninth place … What’s the best way to put it? Just listen for yourself!


Shovlin: Have always done it before

After all, the motivation at Mercedes seems to be unbroken. “We have certainly a lot of work ahead of us in the coming weeks and months, but we are more determined than ever to fight at the top again,” Andrew Shovlin said.

Saudi Arabia was “a tough weekend”. “The track here was harder for us than Bahrain. We have no illusions about where we are at the moment, but we need to stay focused and effective,” Shovlin said.

“We have a huge challenge ahead of us, but over the last eight years, the team has managed to get a handle on all the performance issues that have come our way,” he recalls.

However, 2022 may be the biggest challenge since the beginning of the hybrid era.


Wolff: “No Man’s Land” can also be an advantage

Russell finished the P5 yesterday – and that’s exactly where Mercedes is at the moment. “We’re just too far away from the pace,” Wolff said, referring to Ferrari and Red Bull. At the same time, you have an advantage over the rest of the field.

“In a way, it’s a bit of a luxury we have to drive around in no man’s land. The front ones are too far away, we still have a clear advantage over the back, at least in the race,” Wolff said.

This allows Mercedes to experiment a bit without having to worry about losing positions right away. Except, of course, when it all goes wrong in qualifying, as happened with Hamilton …

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