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Sunday in analysis

In Saudi Arabia, it is now well past midnight and we are saying goodbye at this time. Before that, however, there is the obligatory reference to our large video analysis. Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll talked for more than an hour about the following topics:

Intro and result
– Leclerc vs. Verstappen: How crazy is that?
– The duel of # 2: Sainz vs. Unlucky Perez
– Is the Mercedes era coming to an end now?
– Alpine: Staged show for BWT?
– Explained: Why was Zhou punished twice?
– Nico Hulkenberg & Mick Schumacher
– Championship status after 2 of 23 races
– Questions from channel members from live chat

We’re back here in the ticker in just a few hours with a new number. Then we will work through the remaining topics in this eventful weekend in Jeddah. Sleep well and see you later!


The duel between Ocon and Norris …

… at the end of the race there is another video here. For Ocon, it was a little bit of redemption. For in 2021 he had lost to Bottas in a very similar finish P3 on the final meters in Jeddah.


Why did Ricciardo drop out?

Unfortunately, we can no longer answer this question today. “We experienced that for the first time,” reports team manager Andreas Seidl, explaining: “We have to look at it, I can not give you an update on that.”

He apologizes to Ricciardo and explains that the Australian would probably have ended up in the points if it had not been for the problem. “The pace between our two cars was pretty similar,” he reports.

As a reminder: Norris ended up in P7. And Ricciardo would “definitely have had the pace” to keep up with Norris, according to Seidl.


Gasly: ​​”I died in the car” of pain

You did not get that on TV. “For me, the last 15 laps were the most painful in my entire career,” the Frenchman reports after the race. what happened there? “I do not know what happened to my intestines. But I died in the car, I screamed in pain,” reports the AlphaTauri driver.

The whole story is here!


Horner does not write off Mercedes

Mercedes currently plays no role in the battle at the top. But Christian Horner explains: “I have no doubt that Mercedes is at some point involved in this battle [gegen Ferrari] will join. “

The Red Bull team boss also makes it clear that he is not using energy. It is currently “a very intense battle with Ferrari,” he emphasizes, and therefore explains: “My focus is primarily on our team.”


Why Zhou was punished for the second time

And then there is the curious race of the Chinese. He received a five-second penalty and later a drive-through penalty. The stewards’ statement on the penalty read: “Even if the team did not work on the car for five seconds after the lift, the actual lift counts as’ work ‘on the car, which is prohibited under Article 54.4 (c).”

You can find out the whole background and why Zhou was even threatened with disqualification here!


Verstappen emphasizes “respect” with Leclerc

The second duel between Verstappen and Leclerc in the second race. And this time everything remained clean, there is no evil blood. After Bahrain, Verstappen congratulated Leclerc in a sporting way, today it was the other way around.

“We have a lot of respect for each other. It’s really important. That’s why we have these good fights,” explains Verstappen, who describes the duels with Leclerc as “really cool and really tough”.

We say it again: We would love to see more of this!


Hamilton: Mercedes too far away

The Briton joins his teammate and explains that Mercedes is currently “far” behind the leaders. “We are still far from the guys in front of us,” he clarified.

So Mercedes is still not able to win. “We have a lot of work ahead of us,” said Hamilton, who was also slower than his team-mate over the weekend in Saudi Arabia.

“He just did a better job yesterday and today,” he admits.


Russell: We’re missing a second

“To be honest, the car felt good,” the Briton reports, explaining: “We know what we’re missing – and it’s ultimately downforce.” After all: In the race, Mercedes does not seem to be quite as far away as on a fast lap in qualifying.

“But the basic problems are still there,” Russell explains, explaining, “We were 30 seconds behind the winner. And I think it was about 30 laps after the safety car. It’s one second per lap.”

“We are so far behind in qualifying,” he shrugs.


live stream

Head to today’s livestream with the big analysis of the Saudi Arabia weekend! Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll have planned the following topics:

Intro and result
– Leclerc vs. Verstappen: How crazy is that?
– The duel of # 2: Sainz vs. Unlucky Perez
– Is the Mercedes era coming to an end now?
– Alpine: Staged show for BWT?
– Explained: Why was Zhou punished twice?
– Nico Hulkenberg & Mick Schumacher
– Championship status after 2 of 23 races
– Questions from channel members from live chat


Bottas: The engine got too hot

The Finn is annoyed with his retirement because “at least” the P6 would have been possible today. He explains: “Engine temperatures continue to rise. We need to investigate what triggered it.”

“We had to park the car because we did not want to lose the engine,” he explains. Eventually it became a zero for Alfa Romeo because Zhou also had a totally screwed race and ended up in P11.

Team manager Frederic Vasseur explains: “In turn 2, his car went into anti-stall after contact with Ricciardo.” Even then, according to Vasseur, he would still have ended up in the top 10 without the subsequent drive-through penalty.

“It hurts, but it’s race,” the team manager said.


Hamilton: Thankfully, it’s over!

The record holder is not only sportingly happy that the weekend is over. “I’m so glad the weekend is over and that everyone is safe,” he said after Friday’s missile strike.

When asked if he had any reservations about returning to Saudi Arabia, he simply replied, “I do not know. I just want to go home.” It may be the same for some others.


Leclerc on DRS games

The Monegasque says of the duel with Verstappen: “I knew the strength of Max and Red Bull this weekend was the speed of the draws. I knew that if I give Max DRS behind me, then I will be pretty easily overtaken.”

“So I really wanted DRS. The first time I braked very early and got DRS, and that’s how I could overtake him again in turn 1. The second time, Max knew I wanted to do it, so we both braked very early. . “, he recounts.

“But I was still able to stay in front. And it did not work the third time, but I just did my best to hold the position. But that was not enough today,” said Leclerc.


Albon: Had to risk the attack

The Williams driver has no regrets attacking Stroll. “Unfortunately there was a contact. We had to withdraw due to the puncture, but the points were close so we had to try,” he explains. As a reminder: it was about P11.

All Stroll says of the incident: “I have to watch the video. He stuck in. I had the impression I gave him space. I’m not quite sure. I have not seen it yet.”

In addition to his grid penalty, Albon also received two penalty points for this action – the first after his comeback. You can find an overview of all penalty points in Formula 1 here!


No penalty for double yellow

We’re happy about that: Race stewards have acquitted all riders, there are no further investigations. The result is final. The justification states that rounds 49 and 50 were seen all over again.

It was established that there had been no infringement and that no further investigations were necessary. Here is the reasoning in its entirety:

“Stewards investigated whether each driver slowed down for the single yellow flag that was waved in lap 49 and the double yellow flag on lap 50.”

“After reviewing the data, we decided that there was no need for further investigation or action.”


Seidl: McLaren “completely satisfied” after P7

“It was a great result for us today, seventh place, six points. We take that with us,” said the team manager at ‘Sky’. After the difficult start, the result was “great motivation” for the whole squad.

“At the same time, of course, we have also benefited from a couple of cars in front of us retiring,” he makes no illusions. For otherwise it would have been much more difficult to achieve such a result.

“But as a team, we did a fantastic job in terms of strategy. [Bei den Boxenstopps] I also think we were the fastest in the field. So yes, completely satisfied at the moment, “says Seidl.

Ricciardo’s absence does not change that.

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