From April 2, it will be chaotic: Which corona rules should apply

Next extension to the beginning of May ?: From the 2nd of April it will be even more chaotic: Which corona rules should apply to you

Actually, all Corona rules should be abolished from April 2nd. A so-called “basic protection” should then replace the mask requirement, access restrictions and other measures in public life. But the first federal states withdraw. FOCUS Online tells what will apply in the everyday lives of German citizens in a few days.

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“Far-reaching corona action” should be completely eliminated within a few days. But it probably will not get there.

Germany is threatened by corona chaos.

The legally granted and binding transition phase ends on 2 April. But the first federal states now want to extend it by one month. According to the current federal infection control law, the measures only apply in hotspot areas, which, however, must be determined by municipalities in collaboration with the state government.

In these regions, the mask requirement in public life, the distance rules and access restrictions should remain. In the restaurant, 3G is still valid, in the club 2G-Plus and even when training in the gym, proof of vaccination, testing and recovery is required.

In which federal states will the corona measures remain in place?

Baden-Württemberg: The mask requirement in public life should remain until the end of April. 3G then applies (vaccinated, recovered or tested) at public events, in the cinema, in the theater, in cultural and leisure facilities, at trade fairs and exhibitions, in leisure and vocational training offers, in gastronomy and in hotels and in body-related services.

Bavaria: The Bavarian state government wants to decide within the next few days. However, in view of the increasing number, an extension seems inevitable. The 7-day incidence is at a very high level.

Hamburg: In everyday life and primarily in closed interiors, German citizens must wear masks until the end of April.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is one of the first states to declare itself a hotspot area. The basic protection includes the requirement of mask in public life. At the same time, all previous 3G and 2G Plus rules apply in public life.

North Rhine-Westphalia: NRW was the first federal state to want a common approach. The federal government wants to extend the current transition phase by four weeks.

What applies in the other federal states?

Berlin: The mesh requirement is likely to remain in all indoor areas.

Brandenburg: The mask requirement should continue to apply in facilities such as medical practices, clinics, nursing homes and shared housing for refugees. A mask should also continue to be worn in public transportation. Masks should no longer be compulsory in schools.

Bremen: From 2 April, so-called basic protection measures should apply, in medical practice, hospitals or in local public transport, an FFP2 or surgical mask must be worn. According to the plan, tests must be carried out several times a week in day care institutions and schools.

Hesse: In Hesse, basic protection is likely to take effect. For example, the federal government has closed all PCR test centers. The doctors are now taking over the offer.

Lower Saxony: Restrictions are likely to continue until the end of April.

Rhineland-Palatinate: The federal government will probably also overturn the mask requirement in public life and all restrictions.

Saarland: Restrictions are replaced with basic protection.

Saxony wants to stick to basic protection measures in its new Corona regulation from the beginning of April. Rules such as the obligation to wear a mask indoors or G-provisions should then be removed.

Also in Saxony-Anhalt and in Thuringia should the rules fall.

Schleswig Holstein: There should be no restrictions. The basic protection takes effect.

What is “Basic Protection?”

The mask requirement in public life is only prescribed in places where vulnerable people are. These include nursing, medical and geriatric facilities. In addition, the mask requirement then applies to doctors, hospitals or clinics. Medical mouth and nose protection must also be worn on buses and trains.

German citizens do not have to present proof of vaccinations, tests or proof of healing in public life.

What is also new is that the quarantine and isolation rules for contact persons no longer apply. The seven-day quarantine for people tested positive for the corona virus continues to apply. Anyone who does not allow himself to be tested must remain in quarantine for ten days.

Why should corona measures remain until early May?

In view of the high number of infections, some federal states want to extend the transition phase – until the end of April. The federal states want to declare themselves hotspot areas. Especially in the healthcare sector, staff are absent again and again.

In some supermarkets, customers are told to expect longer waiting times at checkout or empty shelves. “Unfortunately, Corona does not stop at our store doors and sends many of our employees in quarantine,” says a branch in Edeka in Munich.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had already a few days ago sharply criticized the expiration of most corona restrictions in Germany. Several European countries such as Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom have lifted their corona measures for “brutal”, said WHO Europe Director-General Hans Kluge. As a result, the number of new infections increased sharply.

According to Kluge, the numbers are currently rising in 18 of the 53 countries belonging to the WHO region Europe. In the past seven days, the region has seen more than 5.1 million new coronavirus infections and 12,496 deaths. Since the onset of coronavirus, nearly 194.4 million corona infections and more than 1.92 million deaths have been recorded in the WHO Europe region.

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