Cherno Jobatey privately: What is the popular presenter actually doing today?

Cherno Jobatey was for a long time the face of the morning paper on ZDF
and other broadcasts. Today, there has been silence around the sympathetic “Moma” host. What is he doing right now?

How does journalist and moderator Cherno Jobatey live today?
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Cherno Jobatey attracted attention with his soft voice and his height of 1.90 meters. He was always different in a sympathetic way. The TV viewers liked the journalist and the show master mainly because of his friendly and almost always good mood.

Cherno Jobatey inherited it from his father

Cherno Jobatey was born in Berlin in 1965, where he grew up with three siblings, mostly fatherless. His father is from Gambia and his mother is from Berlin. His father went to London as a ship’s cook and settled in England. Cherno Jobatey did not inherit his love of folds or shiny, polished shoes from him. But “the will to persevere,” as he revealed to “Focus Online.”

Journalist Cherno Jobatey’s career on television

After studying political science, he got hold of a scholarship in music in Los Angeles. After his stay in the United States, Cherno wrote Jobatey as an IT expert for the magazines “Zeit” and “Spiegel”. He has a lot of luck to thank for these jobs. He was one of very few journalists allowed to interview Michael Jackson. There he met, among other journalists, the journalist Cordt Schnibben from “Zeit”, as on his website stands. From the 1990s, Jobatey appeared as a moderator in various third programs. There he quickly attracted the attention of a wider audience with his typical look with suits and sneakers.

Cherno Jobatey: For 20 years he was the face of “Moma” on ZDF

Journalist Cherno Jobatey became known through her moderation of the ZDF morning show. Changing weekly with ARD and with a colleague, Jobatey followed the TV viewers all morning. 2012 was suddenly over and the fans of the always friendly man were shocked. In the period from 1998 to 2002, fans also experienced the moderator as the host of “Do You Understand Funny?”. He also moderated “ZDF Royal” and his own format “Cherno. The RBB talk show”.

The big scandal at “room free”

In 1999, Cherno Jobatey received an invitation to appear in Götz Alsmann and Christine Westermann’s popular talk show. To start the show, the show’s hosts joked with Jobatey’s public admission of dyslexia. That was enough for the man, and he left the studio in a rage. Only after discussions with the producers could Cherno Jobatey be persuaded to attend the show. The program was not broadcast until four years later.

Cherno Jobatey privately: Does he have a wife and children?

Little is known about the current privacy of the 1.90-meter-tall man. Cherno Jobatey hardly gives interviews anymore and does not reveal if he has a partner by his side right now. Instead, he likes to show himself in pictures with his sister Francine and her daughter.
On his Instagram account fans experience the likeable man on his travels when he meets international celebrities and when he moderates various corporate events.

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Cherno Jobatey today: Moderator has lost 40 kilos thanks to the corona pandemic

Cherno Jobatey has used Corona and lockdown times to his advantage. When the always happy nonsense suddenly got stuck at home, he had to do something. Jobatey changed his diet, took online yoga classes and lost an incredible 40 kilos. In an interview with the magazine “Gala”, Cherno Jobatey admitted that he somehow felt ill before the treatment. But now he’s feeling really good again.

Cherno Jobatey as the singing seagull on “The Masked Singer” 2022

In addition, the popular host surprised fans of “The Masked Singer” 2022 with his participation in the musical guessing show – namely Cherno Jobatey participated in the sixth season of the show dressed as a seagull, was, however, revealed after his second appearance.

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