Basketball: Hamburg Towers sends a strong signal to the competition


Hamburg Towers sends a strong signal to competitors

Former German international Lukas Meisner (26) switched from league rival Löwen Braunschweig to Hamburg Towers last summer.

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The Bundesliga basketball players in the Hanseatic city manage two convincing victories within 48 hours. Meisner shines like the best jug.

Heidelberg / Hamburg. The clocks on Hamburg towers cross differently. Until Thursday, it seemed that basketball players were well on their way to turning their hands on their development. Missing it the playoffsafter the qualification for the championship round in the Bundesliga in the previous year had been managed convincingly, seemed to be real.

48 hours later, the prospects for success are rosy again. In the victory of 100: 76 (33:13, 20:18, 20:22, 27:23) on Saturday at MLP Academics Heidelberg, it seemed as if Wilhelmsburg had brought the time change one day forward, so often they were hopeless one step ahead inferior climbers in almost every respect.

Basketball: Towers send signal for competition

But only at the zero hour of the turning point in Hamburg. In the heated atmosphere of the exhibition hall, Towers kept a cool head on Thursday night at Niners Chemnitz in the final phase and deservedly defeated the sixth in the table, which was rated high. 89:85 was a benchmark against the competition.

What followed two days later in Baden-Württemberg – mixed with a training session, the trip to Heidelberg and lots of hours with physiotherapist Nico Stempel – was far more than that. The dominance with which Pedro Calles’ team carried out everything they asked for Spanish coach. required, shouted: A top six team plays nominally here.

Hamburg Towers currently only number eight

Now the burgers are far from the top six. Strictly speaking, they are only in eighth place, with BBL relying on the traditional order of the table by points instead of the winning rate, which would make much more sense in a sport without ties and with a permanently distorted schedule. Then the Towers would be in ninth place with 53.8 percent of the matches won, after Göttingen (56) and Crailsheim (54.5).

The fact that there is even a fight for eighth place, which just as well qualifies for the playoffs, is primarily due to a lack of consistency. “The Corona cases and the injuries should not be an excuse, but in our coaching system it is important that everyone knows exactly their role. Because there was always someone missing, the vote is not right,” said winger Lukas Meisner.

Meisner set a season-best in Heidelberg

Meisner is the best example of the inconsistent course of events this Towers season. The ex-national player struggled through the first months of the season as a result of a shoulder operation last spring. In the last eight matches, including the EuroCup, the 26-year-old suddenly exploded, increased his points average to almost 18 points and is full of confidence. In this state, Meisner is a candidate for national coach Gordon Herbert, who had not considered him since taking office in the fall of 2021. In Heidelberg, he set his best performance of the season with 20 points.

In the mid-term interview with MagentaSport, Meisner revealed an insight into his inner life: “Time was harder than some people think. Especially when you hear from the outside that you’re probably not as good as you thought.” The key was to raise his frustration threshold to be more relaxed in the fights.

The whole team has learned this year

“I had no more to prove to myself,” Meisner said. His personal environment helped him – so did Calles. “Thank you for your lessons. He is his disciplined, demanding coach who taught me to deal with negative things, even though I sometimes could not understand why he did not let me play,” Meisner said. The interpretation of this statement about the relationship between coach and player may vary depending on the perspective.

It’s not just Meisner who has learned this year – it’s the whole team. Form weaknesses like those of Caleb Homesley, who also only looked like a skilled but modest role-player against Chemnitz and Heidelberg instead of as the star of the first 20 games, can now be compensated; Jaylon Brown’s form fluctuations as well as the absence of defensive specialist Zach Brown and the virtual absence of Defense Secretary Max DiLeo, who was injured due to an unspecified leg injury.

Basketball: Growth at Towers comes from within

Apart from the all-important Maik Kotsar, the towers do not have to be carried by their original leaders. Growth comes from within. From Meisner as well as from Justus Hollatz, who breaks records every week. It was a “double double” against Heidelberg, double-digit values ​​in two categories.

In addition to eleven points, the 20-year-old Academician dissected with a career record of twelve assists. Overall: 28 of 37 field baskets were assisted, there was hardly any ineffective one-on-one gambling, but just basketball, as Calles imagines it in summer and winter time.

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