Basket for Zlatko Junuzovic! No return change to SV Werder Bremen!

Bremen – It was definitely a little declaration of love that Zlatko Junuzovic sent to SV Werder Bremen via the newspaper “Bild” a few days ago. “There’s definitely still a lot of Werder in me,” said the Austrian, who worked for RB Salzburg, revealing that he still follows every match of his former club in front of the television. As the 34-year-old’s contract in Salzburg, which expires this summer, will not be extended, the question of his sporting future comes into focus. Asked if he would like to play for Werder again, Junuzovic said: “Everything is possible, even if there is nothing concrete at the moment.” He did not want to rule anything out. Which was a topic in the world that was certainly a topic of conversation in fan circles – but on the Werder itself, it is treated with maximum calm.

At Osterdeich they have the opinions of Zlatko Junuzovic of course also noted, but in no way interpreted as the first public introduction of a possible return. “Well, I do not read that Zladdi is thinking intensely about returning,” he says Clemens Fritz in conversation with DeichStube. For Werder’s head of professional football, who was previously on the pitch with Junuzovic, it’s more of the obligatory kind that footballers say when asked about possible club changes. To keep everything open, just do not exclude anything – it basically applies constantly and always. “What else should Zladdi say?” asks Fritz, referring to the great importance that the midfielder from Austria once had for Werder Bremen has had – and finally says: “For us there is one Commitment is not an issue“.

Followed in the squad planning Werder Bremen known anyway in a completely different way. The focus is on the goal of building a young and viable team. A 34-year-old fits in there Zlatko Junuzovic, who was out for almost a year with a stubborn heel injury, is no longer in the picture. (dco)

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Zlatko Junuzovic: “There is still a lot of Werder in me” – back to Bremen?

Bremen / Salzburg – Treaty of Zlatko Junuzovic in the Austrian top club RB Salzburg expires after the season and is not extended. The future of the former captain on SV Werder Bremen is unsure – will the 34-year-old playmaker return to Germany or even to Bremen? In an interview with “Bild”, “Zladdi” does not want to rule anything out and emphasizes: “There is certainly still a lot of Werder in me.”

“I watch every match,” he says Zlatko Junuzovic and thus makes it unmistakably clear how intensely he follows its path SV Werder Bremen and still follows his former teammates: “I talk a lot about Werder with Theo Gebre Selassie, who also recently left. I’m also in touch with a lot of players from the current team. I recently congratulated Jiri Pavlenka on the birth of his second child. “

Zlatko Junuzovic like what he does week after week Werder Bremen gets to see: “It’s fun to watch Werder football. Werder simply belongs in the Bundesliga. What matters now is consistency and determination. Werder should now not lose their temper and be afraid of promotion, “says the Austrian, who is not so worried about this:” I am firmly convinced that they will get it in the end. “

Return? Fan favorite Zlatko Junuzovic can imagine moving to Werder Bremen

That was in the summer of 2018 Zlatko Junuzovic from those threatened with relegation SV Werder Bremen switched to RB Salzburg, in Austria he played for titles again, not against relegation. The time in Bremen was formative, and it is therefore not surprising that Junuzovic in an interview with “Bild” emphasized: “There is certainly still a lot of Werder in me.” A phrase that should fall into good soil with Bremen fans. Junuzovic was and is an audience favorite – there have even been isolated voices on social media recently calling for the now 34-year-old, who had been out injured for several months this season due to heel problems, to be recalled . This is unlikely to happen. But Junuzovic does not want to rule out anything regarding his future: “Everything is possible, even if there is nothing concrete at the moment. I want to discuss with my family what is best for us and our two children. I’m taking my time and we’ll see what happens in the end. “(Tst) Have you already read? Johannes Eggestein left Werder Bremen with high hopes, but the season at Royal Antwerp is a disappointment!

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